To Play Asheron's Call at

You can try our installer: Asheron4fun.exe. OR:
1. Download the game installer from Turbine:
2. Run the installer, use the default install location. (C:\Turbine\Asheron's Call)
3. Download the "End of Retail" files:!Q98n0BiR!p5IugPS8ZkQ7uX2A_LdN3Un2_wMX4gZBHowgs1Qomng
4. Drag the 4 files from inside the .zip file into your Asheron's Call folder (C:\Turbine\Asheron's Call), replacing the ones that exist.
5. Download Thwarglauncher here:
6. Install Thwarglauncher to its default path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Thwargle Games\ThwargLauncher)
7. Open Thwarglauncher and click on “Advanced View”.
8. Click on “Edit Servers”.
9. Click on “Add Server”.
     - Server Name:
     - Server Desc: PVE server
     - Server IP:
     - Server Port: 9000
     - Discord Url: 
     - Website Url:
     - Be sure to select "ACE Server" at the top.
     - Click "Add".
     - Click "Simple View" button
10. Select the asheron4fun server from the list.
11. The account name and password that you use will create your account on the server and will be yours going forward.